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Sigmund Freud Meets Charles Darwin in Prison

While in my residency, Freudian psychoanalytic theory was still dominant. There are several cornerstones from my training that, through all the vicissitudes of my career, remained as foundations. First and foremost is the validity of the mind as a subject … Continue reading

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PREMISE: The cause of the EXPLOSION OF HOMINID SPECIES IN THE FACE OF THE DECLINE OF APES, due to deteriorating climates 6 million years ago, WAS A MAJOR EVOLUTIONARY INNOVATION. It would logically follow that: 1. The single most important … Continue reading

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E. O Wilson Throws Down the Challenge.

My book, Apes, Ants, and Ancestors, is a response to this challenge by E. O. Wilson to draw a “new mythos” based on the facts of evolution. “For centuries the writ of empiricism has been spreading into the ancient domain … Continue reading

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Group Selection

The central thesis of this narrative of human evolution is quite simple.  The distinguishing feature of our 6 million year old hominin Family from the beginning is the common heritage of evolution by a unique mechanism resulting from a rare … Continue reading

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Lincoln God and History

Shortly before he was assassinated in his Second Inaugural Address , our greatest president offered up this meditation on the role of God in history: “If we shall suppose that American slavery is one of those offenses which, in the … Continue reading

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Karen Armstrong and the Meaning of Belief

We lost the art of interpreting the old tales of gods walking the earth, dead men striding out of tombs, or seas parting miraculously. We began to understand concepts such as faith, revelation, myth, mystery, and dogma in a way … Continue reading

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